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I feel so passionate about the whole process of painting that I don’t want to just keep it to myself! I want to share what I do with you and give you the opportunity to experience that same joy in the process of painting. I’m hoping that you’ll find the session a mindful and meditative experience - that lovely place where you forget the outside world and lose yourself in what you’re doing.

My sessions are very relaxed and laid back - I aim to facilitate and guide rather than ‘teach a lesson’. Anyone, regardless of ability or experience, can come along. Some of my clients are experienced artists, some haven’t touched a paintbrush since primary school. There’s no pressure to produce something ‘good’ - the focus of the sessions is purely on the enjoyment of the process. All that I ask is that you’re willing to experiment and get your hands dirty!

I currently offer two different painting experiences, Playing With Paint and 6 Abstract Postcards.

Playing With Paint

In this workshop you’ll have a 10” x 10” wooden panel to work on - this is my favourite surface to work on because you can be pretty rough with it! I’ll introduce you to some of the techniques I use in my own work (collage, layering, scratching, scraping, masking, sanding, using a roller, using your fingers) and then guide you as much or as little as you need in building up a really interesting abstract surface on the board. As we’ll be using acrylic paints (and a hair dryer where necessary!) your painting will be dry enough to take home with you at the end of the session so you can proudly put it on your wall!

6 Abstract Postcards

I always work on several paintings at once as it allows for more of a flow - if you get stuck on one piece then you can focus on a different one for a while. This session is less technique based and focuses more on playful expression. Using mainly collage and acrylic paint, you’ll be working on 6 postcard-shaped pieces (7” x 5”) at the same time, resulting in 6 beautiful small pieces of art to take home with you and frame, if you wish!

Booking, location and the rest

  • Each session is 3 hours long and costs £35. The fee is non-refundable but you can hold over your payment indefinitely for another session if you can’t make it on your booked day

  • Check the calendar below to see when I’m available - you can book your workshop at any time within those hours

  • Contact me using the form below arrange your workshop date and then pay using the buttons on the right (scroll down if you’re on a mobile).

  • All materials are provided along with plenty of tea (various kinds) coffee (real!) and biscuits.

  • You can either come with a friend/friends (maximum 6 people) or have a one-to-one.

  • Workshops take place in my home studio in Nottingham. It’s a third-floor flat with lift access and great light!

    NB Whilst the lift is reasonably reliable, it is an old building and sometimes it does break down, so please let me know if you are dependent on using it.

What do people think?

‘I loved my acrylic workshop with Corrina. A great way to spend the afternoon with friends. And as a complete beginner, I was delighted with my finished painting. Thanks for a lovely time, and your advice and guidance’ (Jenny)

‘A wonderful day playing with paint! Corrina’s gentle guidance through my ups and downs as my painting was developing helped me to experiment and reshape my work into a finished piece I was proud to take home! (Diana)

‘I had a fabulous morning with Corrina working with collage and painting. She provided guidance and encouragement, it felt chilled but with the right amount of guidance. I would definitely recommend spending time with her on a workshop. I feel that for me, it has given me a move into a new development of my work, which I am very excited about. I felt it was also very reasonably priced’ (Amarajyoti)

‘I thoroughly enjoyed the “Playing with Paint” workshop! I hadn’t painted since school - 25 years ago. Corrina was so lovely, making us feel relaxed, showing us different techniques and encouraging us to try things out. Time flew by. It was a fun and inspiring experience. I was really pleased and surprised by what I produced. I would really recommend it! Excellent biscuits too!’ (Kathryn)

'I attended a fantastic workshop “Playing with Paint” today. If you’ve always wanted to try art but don’t know where to start give Corrina’s hugely interesting and relaxing no-pressure course a go! You might walk away with a mini masterpiece!' (Claire)

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