About me

Photograph of Corrina Rothwell

Hello! I'm Corrina and I suffer from chronic creativity. I was born to artist parents, had an art-soaked childhood and my entire adult life has been spent creating. I've tried at times to pursue a more conventional life but creativity is in my heart and soul and I can't ignore it.

The fact that creativity is in my heart and soul means that whatever you get from me, whether it's a greeting card, a print, a painting or an illustration for your website you're actually getting a piece of me. You're getting a slice of that passion, a life time of experience, the accumulation of all those years of looking, learning and soaking in all that wonderful stuff, good and bad, that life has to offer!

Two things in particular make my work stand out according to my clients and customers - my attention to detail and my use of colour. I've always been a big 'noticer' and I notice the little things. With my cards, it's often the little details that provide the humour. When I'm drawing an image for a client, I'll find something unexpected to add which will give the viewer something extra to find and delight in!

Colour has always been a massive deal for me. I'm instinctively drawn to strong colour and I have a good sense of how to use it. In my painting especially I get a genuine thrill - like a real physical flutter - at those moments when I put two colours together and they just work. I love those moments!

I live and breathe my art. I adore what I do. I wouldn't want to do anything else even though at times it's a monumental struggle to keep going. Which just goes to show exactly how much I really do love it!

If you have any questions about what I do, or are interested in commissioning a piece of work, or anything else – you can email me at info@corrinarothwell.co.uk or call 07837 093474. You can also find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest (links at the bottom of the page).