I feel as if I’m becoming who I’m meant to be, now that I’m painting. I’ve always loved using paint, have dipped in and out of painting throughout my life, but for some reason I’ve never taken it any further. Obviously the time is right for me now! Hitting 50 has definitely made me reassess where I am going creatively and there’s a new sense of urgency within me…..

My work embraces the sheer joy of using colour and exploring different ways of making marks, of creating interesting surfaces. I'm passionate about the detail - the soft edge of one colour against another, the quality of a graphite line, layers built up and worn down, the surprise of a forgotten colour emerging from the background, the sudden energy of a scribble, the delight I find in the juxtaposition of unlikely colours. I work intuitively but certain shapes and motifs recur until they work their way out of my system and new ones take their place.