I feel as if I’m becoming who I’m meant to be, now that I’m painting! I’ve always loved using paint, have dipped in and out of painting throughout my life, but for some reason I’ve never taken it any further. Hitting 50 has definitely made me reassess where I am going creatively and there’s a new sense of urgency within me…..

Initially I channelled my desire to paint into figurative pieces as I have always created figurative and narrative work. However it soon became apparent to me that there was an urge to paint abstracts at play so I followed my instinct and ceased trying to make my work 'about' something. Instead I immersed myself fully in the sheer joy of the process, using colour and exploring different ways of making marks. My passion lies in the building, dismantling and rebuilding of layers until a richly textured surface is achieved. I work intuitively but certain shapes and motifs recur until they work their way out of my system. If I had to explain what the paintings represent, I'd say that they were about journeys both psychological and physical, internal conflict, and the dark and light of life.